Who we are

Farag Law Firm is considered one of the largest law firms in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Middle East in the field of litigation and legal consultancy, which is well-known for expertise and confidence among all clients.

Prof. / Farag Fathy Farag established the office since era of time and since that time, we provide innovative solutions for the most complicated judicial disputes, the most difficult and the most exciting, we are always ready to provide advices for our clients in all legal consultation as quick as possible.

Our office is seeking for the maximum benefit from the human resources by choosing the best law graduates from various universities; hence, we have a number of lawyers and legal advisors with extensive experience, mutual trust and good reputation.

Our staff has advantage of a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge that has been acquired through their work on a variety of lawsuits in all areas and fields of law, whether in Egypt or abroad.

Work in our office mainly stands on a high level of regulatory and systematic basic, under close supervision and ongoing follow up , our staff work together to ensure the most favorable result for our clients, whereas we distribute the work in the office into three main sections, namely: –
Section I: Contracts, consultations and arbitration division:
This division provides our customers with all the immediate legal advice. Written and oral in all areas of law as well as the preparation of reports and legal research for any thorny issue in the Egyptian laws in various fields, which also specialized in the drafting, reviewing and translating all types of contracts in accordance with the needs of the contract .

We also have a professional team working in the field of alternative methods of dispute settlement and, in particular, international commercial arbitration to take over the defense of our clients before domestic and international arbitration centers, we have achieved great success in a number of arbitration proceedings before the Cairo Regional Centre for Arbitration and others.

Section II: Litigation:
litigation is considered one of the most important legal services that our firm offer to our clients, as we undertake to defend our client’s interests in all branches of law whether civil, criminal, commercial or administrative , as well as attending before the committees of experts in disputes punctuated by a non-legal disciplines.

We have professional team who are able to write all kinds of lawsuits, reports and complaints, follow-up litigation procedures and drafting and submission of legal briefs and pleading orally in front of all levels of courts and complete all the administrative work resulting from lawsuits.
Section III:Technical examination & judgments execution division:
This division is specialized in executing judgments in favor of our clients, whether civil judgments by collecting the value of the debts or litigation, or filing bankruptcy, insolvency lawsuits in the case of stop payment and further implementation procedures even completed the sale through auction or through consensual settlements carried out under the supervision of the Court, as well as the criminal provisions issued for the benefit of our clients, which is implemented through the concerned authorities in accordance with law as administration, execution of criminal judgments.

Working in this section of the main axes underlying the work within our office where they are studying issues technically as well as preparing and writing legal briefs that present in front of the court or any of the execution concerned authorities.

In addition to financial and administrative department.

Our office is distinguished with close relationships with all the state institutions, governmental and non-governmental entities in order to strengthen our internal and external relationships, for grabbing the best opportunities, to achieve the lofty goals that we are seeking for, as well as our neutral nature within the community, which close the link between us and all sects of society .