Prof. Farag Fathy Farag
Firm C . E . O

Holds a degree of LLB from Faculty of Law Cairo University, and a LL.M. degree in Criminal law also from Cairo University. He attended many courses in various fields of laws and arbitration.

He is recorded and accepted to attend and make hearings before the Egyptian Court of Cassation, the Supreme Constitutional Court and the supreme Administrative court. Mr. Farag is also acceptable before the International Commercial Arbitration centers.

Mr. Farag is the founder and the owner of the full shares of Farag Law Firm since the beginning and even now. He is considered one of the most famous lawyers in the field of criminal law in Egypt and the Middle East, as he worked on many lawsuits that grossed out amazing results … Success for him is a style of life and not a fleeting moments.

He also enjoys the confidence of his clients from all sects of the society, as well as his political life within the Egyptian society.
Finally Mr. Farag manages the office, and this includes the supervision on all the departments; and he is the one who attends before the courts in criminal cases for his clients, whether in Egypt or abroad.

Counsel Mokhles Elsalhy
Litigation division

Mokhles holds a Bachelor of Law from Al Mansoura University. He was appointed in the judiciary career post graduation, he began as an agent of the public prosecutor and then became the chief of Court. After that he submitted his resignation from the judiciary and engaged in the political life, he was elected as a member in the Egyptian parliament for five years, then first undersecretary of the Minister of Tourism in the Egyptian government.

He is recorded and accepted before the Egyptian Court of Cassation and the Supreme Constitutional Court and the Supreme Administrative Court. The litigation department is headed by counsel Mokhles as well as overseeing over his colleague lawyers in this section.

Miss. Yasmine Eldemery
Corporate division

Ms. Yasmine is a holder of LLB from Cairo University – Faculty of law –English department in 2010. She earned her LL.M. degree in law of international trade & investments also from Cairo University in 2012. She is currently registered for a doctorate degree in the investment law at the University of Cairo.

She is a lawyer recorded and accepted before the Egyptian courts and the arbitration centers, domestic and international.

She is in charge of the contracts and legal consultancy department in the office.

You Can contact her on: yasmineldemery@ .