Due to the nature of the legal profession in Egypt, the Firm combines a generalist approach to the practice of law with particular specialization in certain fields.


The Firm’s areas of expertise are set out below as following:

Criminal Law
We provide consultation and representation services relating to bounced checks, direct violence, theft, murder, vandalism, public funds investigations and all other criminal issues before the public prosecutions and courts in the Egypt and abroad.<br />
Commercial Law
We are well-equipped to handle the most difficult and complex commercial matters as we provide comprehensive services based on in-depth knowledge of all matters relating to incorporation of companies, partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, all issues relating to commercial transactions & delineation of private rights and remedies.<br />
Civil Law
We have a long wide experience in all aspects of the civil agreements including standard and tailored contracts, transfer of rights and debts, contractual liability and tort, implementation of contracts, execution of court judgments rendered in favor of our clients so it is considered one of our most important legal services.<br />
Real Estate
We represent our clients in all procedures before the real estate and documentation authority we also provide local assistance with a complex international level of due diligence advice on real property legal status, ownership, usufruct rights, sale, purchase, lease, mortgage, transfer of rights, financial lease and restructuring .<br />
Labor & Employment
We provide services related to Labor issues resulting from individual and collective labor agreements through providing our expert opinion derived from extensive knowhow about Labor laws & its amendments, and conducting necessary representation before labor offices and courts.<br />
Family law
we can advise you on the most appropriate way of trying to resolve any disputes regarding the family relations , whether by way of negotiation, collaborative practice or litigation in issues of divorce (parental authority, main residence of the children, alternating residence, visiting and housing rights, alimony, offset benefit, damages, khula, Marriage arrangements/contracts.<br />
Legal Advices
We provide legal consultations supported by legal evidence and court precedence in all branches of the Law. Our legal advice is provided either in writing or verbally, we can also prepare expert legal reports for other professionals needing opinions on areas of Egyptian law affecting individuals.<br />
Drafting and Reviewing Contracts
All of us enter into contracts every day for business and personal reasons. Some of these contracts are written, while others are oral. In every case, it is important that the terms of the contract are fairly negotiated, properly drafted, and reviewed to ensure the contract meets the intentions of the parties so we are specialized in drafting and reviewing all sorts of contracts, in- all fields of transactions whether commercial or civil relationships.<br />